Japanese Hokkaido Wagyu A4 Striploin


400g, Frozen. Vacuum Packed.

Country of Origin: Japan

Sourced directly from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, this exquisite cut boasts supreme marbling (A4 grade) for unforgettable tenderness and rich, buttery flavor.

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Melt-in-your-mouth texture: Raised on a meticulous diet and given extensive massage, Hokkaido Wagyu cattle produce meat known for its incredible tenderness.

Rich, decadent flavor: The beautiful marbling infuses the steak with a rich, buttery taste, unlike any other beef you've experienced.

Excellent quality: Awarded the A4 grade, this cut represents the exceptional quality and luxurious taste of genuine Japanese Wagyu."

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Seared Steak Perfection:

Pat your Beef and season generously with salt and pepper. Heat a cast-iron skillet over high heat until smoking. Sear the steak for 2-3 minutes per side for a medium-rare doneness. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing against the grain for maximum tenderness. Serve with roasted vegetables, creamy mashed potatoes, or a bold red wine reduction.

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Country of Origin Japan
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