Our story has a simple beginning. One night, in early 2014, we were having a dinner party with some friends at home. We’d cooked a decent meal using a lot of products we had bought from a local farmers’ market, which were then still a pretty new phenomenon in Bangkok.


We loved going to the markets. You could sample lots of luscious food and meet loads of people who were really passionate about their culinary creations (and even more who were as passionate about eating it). The markets themselves were great events, but we were frustrated about having to trek across town once or twice a month just to buy quality ingredients and locally-produced food that you couldn’t find in the supermarket.


We knew most of these products wouldn’t turn up in the shops anytime soon, but why couldn’t someone deliver them to our home? There were already a number of successful food delivery services enabling local restaurants to offer takeaways, so why couldn’t the same thing be done for these small producers?


Our search for such a service only drew blanks. So, convinced by the belief that there must be more people like us wanting to buy, cook and eat awesome food with a story behind it, we decided to do something about it.


And with that motivation, Passion Delivery was born. We took our first, furtive steps into what was, for us, the relatively unknown world of e-commerce. We started out with just 25 products from three suppliers and ran the business from our home for the first two years, resulting in equal amounts of admiration and annoyance from our two kids, Jasmine and Justin.


We developed four values which have helped guide us on this rollercoaster ride:

  • Passion — Passion inspires us. It makes us who we are. We seek out passionate people to join our team and this quality connects us with our community of producers and, most importantly, with you, our customers and friends.

  • Trust — Building trust underpins everything we do. We believe that being open and honest with you about what we do and what we sell is key to developing long-term relationships.

  • Quality – We take great lengths not only to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality products available, but also that we also consistently deliver quality day-in, day-out.

  • Value – We strive to provide great value so that you are always happy with the price you pay.


With a lot of hard work, and a decent helping of luck and good fortune, we have now built Passion Delivery into Thailand’s leading online marketplace for high quality food and drink. We have expanded the range of products to include kitchenware and other products, such as organic and natural skincare and chemical-free cleaning products, which help you, live a healthier lifestyle. You can now access hundreds of products from more than 40 passionate suppliers.


While we’ve expanded both our team and our network of suppliers, we remain committed to our values. We know the owners of every company that sells products through Passion Delivery and we can reach them by phone anytime — we believe the personal, human touch is essential, especially in the world of e-commerce. We’ve also been fortunate enough to get to know a number of you, our customers.


Our journey is far from over, in fact, we hope we’re still in its early stages. And we also know that we’re not perfect, so if you have any ideas or comments about Passion Delivery, good or bad (but hopefully good!), then please let us know. We can only get better at what we do with your feedback, insight and advice.


Otherwise, we hope you value and enjoy using Passion Delivery as a gateway that connects you with a community of passionate people creating awesome products.


Speak soon,


Ian and Sara


Passion Delivery – inspired by passion