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We’re building a community of passionate people
We’re passionate about everything we do and we’re building a community of passionate people (customers and suppliers) who love great food and drink, kitchen equipment and healthy living products. By tapping into that passion we have become Thailand’s premier online destination for high quality food, ingredients, drink, kitchenware and healthy living products.


Nationwide reach
Tens of thousands of unique visitors browse our website every month, that’s a lot of potential customers for your products.


We’re choosy!
We only select vendors and products that meet our high standards and expectations. This means you’ll face less competition in your product category. We’ve also helped many of our suppliers improve their quality and consistency of their products and services so they can meet and exceed the tough demands or our team and customers.


Marketing expertise
We know how to reach our customers and promote your brand and products with professional marketing content to maximise exposure.



A targeted audience
Our multilayered marketing campaigns reach thousands of high quality customers every month through a wide variety of channels.


Business Guidance
We are with you every step of the way and are here to give you expert advice anytime of the day.


Our unique marketplace is simple to use, and takes care of the fiddly stuff, giving you more time to get on with running your business.

Selling on the Passion Delivery Marketplace gives you the opportunity to grow your business and customer base year on year.