We could give you a million reasons why shopping at Passion Delivery is a must! But those are for you to discover, so we’ll start with our favourite three:


1. Passion inspires everything we do
We’re inspired by passion. It underpins everything we do: who we hire, the vendors we work with, and the people we are here to serve – you! This passion has enabled Passion Delivery to grow from a small home based business into a digital marketplace with hundreds of products from some of the most passionate and creative producers of food, cookware and healthy living products in Thailand


2. We’re very choosy
We personally meet each and every vendor who’s on our marketplace. All products are carefully selected and handpicked by our in-house team. This means we can offer an incredible range of unique products from the best vendors, all in one place.


3. We care about quality
We are also passionate about consistently delivering the highest quality products with the greatest value (that doesn’t mean the lowest cost, however). If vendors cannot consistently supply high quality goods we won’t stock them, but we will work with them to improve their quality. We know we’re only as good as out last order, so we constantly strive to make ourselves better today than we were yesterday.