How does Passion Delivery marketplace work?
When you shop with Passion Delivery, you're entering a digital marketplace that is home to some of the most passionate and creative producers of food, cookware and healthy living products in Thailand. Passion Delivery provides access to several hundred products from more than 40 suppliers – and our range is always increasing. Our suppliers directly sell and deliver the products to you through our marketplace.


I don’t want to receive multiple deliveries, how can I get just one delivery?
Our marketplace means you can access an incredible range of products from a host of different vendors. However, we understand that sometimes you may only want to receive a single delivery. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Plan ahead and order more from each vendor less regularly. For example if you regularly buy from Sloane's, Accidental Butcher and Thammachart Seafood, consider buying from Sloane's and Accidental Butcher one week and then Thammachart Seafood the following week.

  2. If you order chilled or frozen goods from multiple vendors, ask each of them to try and deliver in the same time window.

  3. Consolidate your orders by supplier and shop with vendors who have a large range of products. Each vendor sends their part of your order directly and this means you will receive fewer packages.

We understand and appreciate that for some people, receiving multiple deliveries may not be ideal. However, we passionately believe the benefits far outweigh any challenges.


What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, as well as online banking and ATM bank transfers for most Thai banks. For all online payments we use the highest level of security and encryption.

Payments by ATM transfer must be made within 24 hours of placing your order, otherwise the order may be cancelled.


Can I change or cancel my order?
Sorry, once orders have been placed they cannot be changed or cancelled. Please make sure your order is correct when you place it.


What is your refund / returns policy?
Goods can be returned within 7 days only in the following events:

1. Damaged or defective product

2. Wrong item

If goods are returned the vendor may offer to refund the goods, exchange them for the same or a similar product or give you a credit. All returns (if requested) must be sent back directly to the vendor. If you accept a credit it can be applied to any product from any vendor on our website (not just the vendor you bought it from).

Please note that product exchanges or replacements will be issued by the vendor.

Credit to your Passion Delivery account or refunds will be issued by Passion Delivery.


Why are delivery charges different for each vendor?
Each vendor sets their own delivery charges and this may vary depending on factors such as delivery postcode or weight of goods. We ask our vendors to keep these as low as possible and in many cases free delivery is offered.


Where do you deliver?
Some vendors (typically those selling chilled or frozen goods) only deliver to specific areas. Simply enter the delivery postcode on our website to see which products are available for your area.


How are my orders delivered?
Orders containing dry goods will be sent by the vendor via EMS postal service, or by a third-party specialist such as Kerry Logistics. You will be issued with a tracking number when the order is dispatched.

Orders containing chilled or frozen goods delivered within Bangkok will be sent by the vendor’s own team, or by a third-party specialist such as Lala Move or Kerry Logistics. Your order will be carefully packaged and transported in a climate controlled box to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. You will be issued with a tracking number when the order is dispatched.

Orders containing chilled or frozen goods and delivered outside of Bangkok will be sent by a third-party specialist such as Kerry Logistics or by bus. Your order will be carefully packaged and transported in a climate controlled box to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. You will be issued with a tracking number when the order is dispatched.


I live upcountry, if I want to receive chilled or frozen goods how will I know if the delivery is door to door or if I have to pick up from the local bus station?
Simply ask the vendor before placing your order with them. Most vendors will try to offer a door to door service but some may only be able to send it via bus to your local bus station. 

To contact a vendor click on their vendor page found here. On the left hand side of any vendor’s page click “CONTACT VENDOR” and type your message.


When will I get my order?
Most vendors will dispatch your order within two (2) working days. If your order contains chilled or frozen goods, each vendor will contact you directly soon after you place your order to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the delivery. If your order contains dry goods it will be sent by post. You will be sent a tracking number when the order is dispatched.


What if I have any queries or further questions?
If you have a query about an existing order or specific vendor / product, we recommend you first contact the vendor. You can do this via their vendor profile page which you can find here.

For anything else, or if you would prefer to speak with our team, you can contact us. We are available everyday from 9am to 6pm. We always welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything.