Mandarin Orange


The "Wogan orange” or “Taiwan Orange" , a mandarin variety from Israel called Orah, is now growing in many areas of southern China. These oranges are very popular in the markets because they are easy to peel, have a low content of seeds and an excellent flavor. More than 20,000 hectares of Wogan Oranges are now being harvested in Wuming District in Guangxi. Not only are Wogan Oranges popular among consumers, they're also playing an important role in increasing local farmer's incomes.

Benefits of eating oranges.

- High in Vitamin C. Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C.

- Healthy immune system.

- Prevents skin damage.

- Keeps blood pressure under check.

- Lowers cholesterol.

- Controls blood sugar level.

- Lowers the risk of cancer.

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Country of Origin China
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